Custom Press Stamping of Zinc Coated Mild Steel Brackets Project Highlights

Product Description

This custom press stamped zinc coated mild steel bracket is used within a automotive application

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Press Stamping

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

100 ton straight side press

Overall Part Dimensions

Length: 2.445″
Width: 1.190″
Height: 1.190″
Thickness: .108″
Bend Angle: 90″

Tightest Tolerances

+/- .005

Material Used

Mild Steel

Typical Operations

Press Stamping:
General Shape and Slots Stamped In one Operation


Gold Zinc Coating
2 Standard Slots
2 Complex Slots

In process testing performed

Dimensional Inspection

  • Dial Indicators
  • Calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Custom Gages
  • Optical Comparator
Industry for Use


Delivery Location

New Britain, Connecticut

Standards Met

Customer supplied design

Product Name

Zinc Coated Mild Steel Bracket